Early Childhood Center

Center-Based Learning for School Age Children

At Above All Therapy, we take great pride in creating a learning space that is age-appropriate and functional for our older elementary students.

As children grow older, we expect them to become more independent. Above All Therapy places tremendous emphasis on self-help skills including toileting and dressing. We stress food preparation and good manners while eating. We also have found that our students benefit enormously from being a helpful member of our school and of society: We wash dishes, vacuum, and take care of our school environment. We also take trips to the local grocery store to gather things from the shopping list, use money to pay, and practice social greetings.

Although our core methodology is Applied Behavioral Analysis, we use additional teaching methods to supplement the learning process. We incorporate play, TEACCH, sensory integration, floortime, PECS, and others (read more about these methodologies by clicking on the links below). We use our best-practice methodology to target IEP goals (Individualized Education Plan), department of education benchmarks, and objectives individually developed for that child along with appropriate curriculum to create a comprehensive school-aged educational program.