Therapy and Education for Kids with AutismAbove All Therapy provides customized services to our students that are developed to address each child’s skills. We feel it is important to provide modified programming in order to make all of our children successful. Our ABA-based strategies allow children to make great strides while positively impacting the stress felt by parents.

Autism Speaks reported that children with autism who received ABA therapy make the greatest strides in skill development. Plus, the parents of the children who received ABA therapy reported greater reductions in daily stress than the parents whose children receive other treatments. Effective with children of all ages and across all environments, Above All Therapy has used ABA therapy throughout Cleveland to help countless numbers of children live happier, more adjusted lives.

During individual therapy and groups, progress is recorded on IEP goals. Additional goals are created to ensure an all-around success.

We offer the following services:

 early childhood 

school age

social skills groups