In-Home School Age Program

Above All Therapy creates home education programs for older students with autism and special needs. We take our best-practice methodology and implement current student goals in the home setting. Typically, one in-home “session” lasts 2-hours in length and is taught by a trained intervention specialist or tutor. Research has shown that a 35- to 40-hours per week has the most benefit for children with autism; however, the number of in-home sessions is determined by the child’s need, by the professional recommendation, and by the family.

Once an hourly schedule is designed, the lead professional conducts an assessment, confers with other professionals, and has discussions with the child’s parents. Together the team comes up with a list of goals for that specific child. Goal lists vary from child to child and are dependent on the child’s individual needs.


After-School Tutoring (Home-Based or Center-Based)

In addition to full-time school home education programs, Above All Therapy provides after-school tutoring for school-aged children with autism or special needs. Parents often start to notice that their child is falling behind his peers as he advances in school. Above All Therapy is able to quickly assess a child, determine deficits, and create a plan that helps to get children back on track. This achievement gap is very common, and it is recommended that parents seek help as soon as they notice that their child is falling behind in school. Older students receive tutoring for help with behaviors, academics, social skills, anxiety, and several other areas that may be of concern.

Although the core methodology at Above All Therapy is Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), we also use other teaching methods to supplement your child's learning process during our in-home sessions.  We incorporate Play Therapy, TEACCH, Sensory Integration, Floortime, PECS, and others based on the child's need.  Please contact us or click the links below for more information on these methodologies.