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Yoga & Meditation - Wednesdays 5:00-6:00

Develop Calming Strategies & Balance (ages 6 & up) - $100 per session

This hour-long social group is great for children in need of learning self-regulation and calming strategies as well as developing body strength and balance.  Exercise and guided breathing are proven methods of decreasing anxiety, behaviors, hyperactivity, and aggression. 

A portion of the group will focus on positivity and developing a strong sense of self worth.  Guided breathing will then be used along with yoga sequences to create calm minds and bodies.  Additional attention will be placed on learning a variety of calming strategies to improve self-regulation skills.

Learning is Fun

Although we understand that learning social skills is extremely challenging for our students, we make sure that they have fun while learning. We want your children to laugh and be silly with their peers.  We provide a structured setting and a language-rich environment that naturally promotes socialization. Our teachers are extremely knowledgeable in the field of special needs, autism, and behaviors, but they are also excellent at creating fun and engaging lessons. 

Our social groups are small and fill up quickly so be sure to call to register.  Above All Therapy's social skills groups are also created based on interest so your opinions matter.  Call 216-235-0390 or use our social group interest form to tell us more about your child and his/her interests and needs.

*We are approved providers of both the Autism Scholarship Program and the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program.

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