Positive Affirmations Children with AutismPositive Affirmations

Research shows that daily positive affirmations are a great way to build confidence, increase positivity, and relieve worry. I created a jar of positive affirmations a few months ago specifically for a couple of my students who were a bit negative and worrisome.  I made the daily affirmations a part of our circle time routine, and the affirmations have quickly become the highlight of our morning group. One student pulls out an affirmation and shares it with the group.  We discuss the meaning of the affirmation and definition.  We include synonyms to make sure that the group is learning and truly understanding the affirmation.  Then, throughout the morning, the teachers try to use the affirmation whenever possible. 

Just last week, our class affirmation was “I am adventurous.”  The timing was perfect.  As you probably already know, kids with autism tend to be picky eaters.  That day, our morning class was celebrating a birthday by making a fruit salad.  Some of the fruit in our fruit salad was a bit foreign to several of our students so the task of trying a new food was very daunting t them.  The teachers and students were able to use our daily affirmation—I am adventurous—to muster the courage to take a taste!

So go ahead, and grab some markers. Write your own kid-friendly affirmations: “I am awesome,” “I am kind,” “I am loved” are all excellent sayings to remind children that there is a great deal of good in their lives. Or search the web and print out colorful premade positivity sayings for children. I used a glass canning jar and created a label.  You can use a small box or a daily calendar or anything that you have around the house. The positive affirmations jar is great for our kids with anxiety, stress, and kids who need a confidence boost.



Positive Affirmations and Autism